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Whether you are a beginner or professional singer you need guidance and regular helpful criticism to help improve and maintain your vocal talent. Leon combines his rock/pop, musical theatre and music industry expertise with his experience to help manage, coach and guide indivduals of all levels towards their goals.

The 1-2-1 sessions with Leon will help with vocal technique, stage craft, confidence and much more. All disciplines are equally important to a singer/performer and the long term aim is to combine the skills to the best of a students ability.


The 1-2-1 sessions are spent learning valuable technical & warm-up exercises & then working on performance pieces.You will recieve a free exercise CD on your first lesson. Leon also offers grade work using the Rock School Syllabus. Leading accredited provider of rock exams worldwide.



30min session = £18.00

45min session = £25.50

1hr session = £32.00


N.B. Lessons are based at a studio in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK.

Online sessons available

1-2-1 Sessions

What You Will Learn

Singing Technique:

Using various old and new tested methods based around the 'Alexander Technique' you will learn to warm up and develop your vocal ability and skills. Understanding the importance of regular exercises and how your voice mechanism and breathing work to support you without damaging the voice box. Learn to switch your voice placement, relaxation or rock scream, whatever you need there will be useful tips to help improve your talent.


Stage Craft:

The art of performing is not just having a good voice but the confidence to use your body in a way that compliments your performance. Whether that be a rock star or a musical theatre character, you will learn to believe in your ability and fine tune your physical display.


Rockschool Exams: 

The Rock School syllabus is the leading accredited provider of rock exams worldwide. These provide singers with a good understanding of music theory and push you to try new songs and styles. It is a fun syllabus that offers more of a challenge and certificates of merit for higher education purposes.


Audition Technique: 

One of the most vital aspects of a professional performer, higher educational student, or a serious hobby singer is the audition. Learn to understand what the judging panel are looking for, make the right song choices, how to make and impression and how to deal with those all important nerves.


Microphone Technique: 

If you want to sing live or in a studio it is important you understand how microphones repsond to your voice. Every voice and microphone are different in subtle ways, but you can learn how to get the most out of your voice with simple tips and knowledge.


Recording Experience: 

With a purpose built studio for coaching, there is also the added element of a vocal booth. Once a song is completed you are able to hear yourself and critique your efforts from a more useful perspective.


Video Showreels: 

It is important just like with the audio recording experience that students get to view themselves on camera and see what they are doing. With a full HD camera at your disposal there is the capability in lessons to record just for rehearsal purposes or for professional showreels demonstarting your vocal and physical performing talent.


If this sounds like what you are looking for then CONTACT LEON NOW!

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Workshop Sessions

Leon works freelance for various music, dance and performance related companies and groups. He offers a group workshop for singing, harmony singing, performance & stagecraft helping groups and indivduals team build and grow in confidence. For more details hiring Leon, please click here to make contact.